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I wanted a guide to the kind of pubs and restaurants that I like. I also wanted a guide that was truly independent. I wanted reviews that were motivated solely to promote excellence with no hidden agendas.

I couldn't find one so I decided to do it myself.

I have no relationship with any of the pubs and restaurants I review. I have no relationship with any brewery, big or small. And I have no relationship with any campaigning organisation such as CAMRA.

I only write articles about places I like. I have visited each and every pub and restaurant in the guide and I've taken all but a handful of the photos in the guide myself. I will only write a review if I find an establishment to be excellent in my terms. Some areas are matters of taste and I try to be objective and open-minded. I don't judge places on a single issue. For me, it's the overall experience that matters.

If you know a great place that you think should be in the guide, please let me know!

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